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Allied Telecom was formed in 2006 to deliver quality products and services to the Pakistani Data communications Group Home
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Enterprise-transforming applications must do more than integrate new, advanced, customer-facing functionality with already existing, core IT assets. Applications have to be able to negotiate a high volume of transactions, across multiple systems and platforms, between millions of data points, in a fraction of a second, seamlessly, flawlessly, and continuously. A failure at any point means the transaction fails. And you don't want that.

It may seem obvious, but every custom software development project is different. We wield a range of methodologies, and apply the right one for each particular engagement. Is there any other way? Our solutions are elegant. Our solutions are scalable. Our solutions are secure. And our solutions allow us to integrate your company's past with its future. Which is why we're quickly earning a reputation as the firm that's rising heavy coding to an art form.

Our corporate portal solutions create browser based decision support systems that empower your middle office workers to effectively perform their jobs. We help you increase employee productivity by integrating your applications and information into a single solution. A system that can also index and organize the information across your enterprise network Intranet, Extranet and the Internet.

  offers complete front and backend technology to do business on the web, specializing in shopping cart system & customized programming to distinguish your e- business from the rest. Our solutions are most powerful & flexible available today whether you are building an e- business or an entire shopping mall, our software can make the job easier.

Our current focus is on regular PC based internet access & on WAP. ALTEL is experienced in developing custom business solution. Together our team is unbeatable in delivering high value.

The corporate portal solutions create browser based decision support system that empowers your middle office workers to effectively perform their jobs. ALTEL plans & develops highly interactive and user friendly navigation for the visitors to your site. We have the art of presentation –that is focused on your given objectives and bring your desired results. At ALTEL we have a system for your success.

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