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Allied Telecom was formed in 2006 to deliver quality products and services to the Pakistani Data communications Group Home
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Allied Telecom is seeing the acquisition of leading telecom construction Contracts, an achievement which has continued as Allied Telecom. Attitude to quality was a big synergy and a major reason for the companies coming together. In spite of expanding our client base and projecting a major increase in site development for number of years, quality remains key.

Also in 2007, Allied Rigging was established. This department of Allied Telecom was set up to compliment the construction division and after couple of successful installations in the first six months of trading; Allied Rigging also sits atop industry performance tables. Offering a suite of services including surveys, rigging installation, commissioning/decommissioning, inspections and microwave link work, Allied Rigging directly employs all of our highly trained and experienced installers.

Almost uniquely for the telecommunications industry Allied Telecom uses only in-house skills to provide a level of control and quality that guarantees every project is delivered on time and within budget.

  Our Services
  In keeping with the Allied Group ethos, Allied Telecom believe in offering a flexible solution to our customers, who benefit from being able to select from the following services:

Site Construction
Street works solutions
Power Management
Site Share
Facilities Management

Allied Telecom can also provide a full turnkey service.

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